7NoTrumps.com - the truth about us
     7NoTrumps.com has two serious missions. The first is to provide bridge players with entertaining and useful services that are not available from the other on-line Contract Bridge sites. The second is to make a huge fortune. As the latter of these is a totally unrealistic objective, I shall just have to make do with the first, putting something back into a game I have enjoyed for over 35 years. I want you to enjoy your visits to this site, so if you have any suggestions, preferably constructive, please mail us at ideas @ 7notrumps.com. We can’t promise to answer them all, but we will read them and take note. In the meanwhile, watch out for the new functions in the pipeline.
     7NoTrumps.com lives as a result of vital contributions from several very able people. I wish to reveal their identities, so that you know whose fault it is.
     There are two chief culprits. Their involvement has been both synergistic and complementary.
Chief culprit A is Adrian Sutton. Beneath the Saharan sense of humour and not-so-much-laid-back-but-horizontal façade is one serious programmer. He's the one who made Javascript jump through hoops on the vital “Daily Article” page. In addition, he also writes in Perl, PL/SQL and other geeky languages. Find him on asutton@freenet.co.uk You can have a rest now, Ade, and you can tell Esther that she is now allowed to see you at the weekends …. for the moment
Chief culprit B is Ben Arnold. If you asked me to describe him, then the words “brain” and “planet” would immediately spring to mind. I suspect he has a couple of ADSL connections in the back of his head which he uses to download terabyte tranches of data. He has made a huge contribution, particularly in the overall approach to coding design. Ben also created the elegant 'date-picker' on the Archive page. His areas of expertise are Java, DHTML, VB, ASP & Unix. Ben will be completing his Computer Science degree next year and I strongly recommend prospective employers to offer him a starting salary of about £45,000.
     a) because he’s worth it.
     b) because Domini wants to go shopping.
Ben can be contacted on ben.arnold@virgin.net
Others have involved on a less than day-to-day basis, but their contributions have been vital nonetheless.
Dr. Tim Hall is a boffin. After his Ph.D in genetic engineering, Tim decided to earn some money, so he became a certified Oracle 9i DBA - one of the best in the country. Having worked with him for a 9 months, I suspect he's also certifiable. Not satisfied with passing Oracle exams in his spare time, Tim also writes code in Java, ASP & VB. Tim has been unofficial consultant to 7NoTrumps.com in all matters web. In addition, Tim's company (www.tshcomputing.com) is hosting 7NoTrumps.com. Thanks for being patient, Tim, under the torrent of questions.
Ian Wallington is consultant programmer friend turned photographer. Armed with digital camera and a serious manner, and in return for a Denise dinner, he produced the images that you can see on the home page - including the nice one of her thumb. When he's writing code instead of playing at being David Bailey, he writes code in Perl, Javascript, VB, ASP and PL/SQL.
Graham Marshall is a bridge-playing friend whose counsel has been invaluable, even if his advice has been part bridge, part stock-market. At present, he is Professor of talking at the University of Talking, in Nottingham. Advice has been forthcoming in torrents, but I shall never forget the first snippet about the development of this site. "Kit, don't". Graham is himself a rich source of bridge stories, and you can look forward to reading a few if his victims, and my lawyers, will allow publication. Graham is also chef proof-reader and too date has picked up countless errers that I have mist.
Ian Hinchcliffe is a Mancunian with a Scouse accent. Don't ask why. His helpful hints have saved an old man from have to climb several steep learning curves. Ian is yet another Perl & Javascript wizard. He'd like a nice Perl contract back in the North West. Contact him on ianh@merseymail.com
Tony ("Alf") Flavell is a friend of old from school & university, where we regularly conceded 1700 in 1NT doubled. He now lives in Vancouver and is a Macromedia Flash fiend. Although none of his work adorns this generation of 7NT, he assures me that as soon as his Zimmer frame (he's seriously old compared to me) is fitted with a keyboard and monitor, he can begin work on 7NT2.
Louise Drake-Lee is a graphic artist who produced the hand-drawn 7NT images. The petrol crisis and Woody's butchered ankle ligaments meant that he could not escape my coercion, and poor Louise was press-ganged into service by default. Lou, you're an absolute treasure. Woody, you did good works too. Now, get on.
Dan Steinman is a very fine programmer. When someone invents the wheel in programming there's no point in doing it again yourself. Dan's DHTML methods were just the job for our style sheets. See Dan's site at www.dansteinman.com
We are indebted to Erik Bosrup - another Javascript expert. Erik's invaluable overlib utility has been used to create the "Tool Tips" pop-up help boxes that you see when you hold the cursor over a navigation button on the article screens. See Erik's site at www.bosrup.com
Peter Owen at Oco Communications designed the overall framework of the site into which the work of Adrian and Ben has been accommodated. He also produced our main image on the home page. You can find Peter at pete@oco.co.uk
Per Jannersten is one of Sweden's all-time bridge legends. In addition to a distinguished playing and writing career, the company which bears his name exports Bridge supplies wherever the game is played. Per kindly allowed us to use his products in the images which you may see scattered over this site.
Bingham Bridge Club is the friendliest club at which I have ever played. Although he knew I was up to something devious, George Jamieson trustingly allowed us to kidnap bridge equipment. Thanks to George and Bingham BC.
Dr. Jack Ackrell is another bridge-playing chemist friend from UEA days. He now lives in the USA, and he has been very helpful in my understanding of how bridge operates over there. 
Waddingtons has been the No 1 name on English playing cards since before Edward the First cashed the A when brilliantly defending 7NT in the Camrose match against the Scots in 1298. Many thanks to Clare Howcroft of Hasbro for arranging permission for us to use them for site images.
There's one other person to mention, whose involvement has been crucial. She's the one who has enabled, facilitated, catalysed, cajoled and funded(!) this project into existence. If it hadn't been for her, there would never have been a 7NoTrumps.com. Her name is Denise, and although she's not a bridge player, she's just scored 2220. She's special.